Glendale, Arizona


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Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Glendale, Arizona

Addiction Treatment

A Better Today Recovery Services offers high-quality addiction treatment to those struggling in Glendale, Arizona. Our facilities have existed in nearby Arizona cities for over a decade helping men and women recover from drug and alcohol addiction.

At our treatment center, you can get involved in the local Glendale, AZ recovery community. The good thing about Glendale and surrounding cities is that there exists an amazing and thriving community of recovery. Whether you choose to use 12 Steps or other programs to maintain your recovery after treatment, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.

Addiction is an Illness

Consensus has grown over the last decade in the medical community to acknowledge the fact that addiction is a disease.  The primary warning signs addiction is that a person will feel sick when they quit using a substance and that they will need more and more of a substance to reach the same desired high. Other warning signs can include, using substances to avoid stress, driving under the influence, and mood swings while using.

Detox Services for Glendale, Arizona

For many addicts, the first step in their treatment is detoxification. Detox is the cleansing of toxins in drugs and alcohol from the addict’s system to prepare their mind and body for rehabilitation. The byproduct of detoxification is withdrawal. Withdrawal occurs when addicts stop using the substance(s) they are addicted to. It compels the addict to keep using by cravings, desires, and a feeling of sickness. Withdrawals from alcohol and benzodiazepines (benzos) can be severe and even deadly.

How withdrawal works in the brain is that when an addict stop using, the brain ceases production of the feel-good neuro-transmitters that create the mind-altering effect. It takes weeks for the brain to produce natural neurotransmitters again, and without those, people will have a sense of depression, which compels them to continue their substance use to maintain the release of neurotransmitters. In addition to cleansing, detox also helps addicts with their withdrawal symptoms, and there are medications available to help recovering addicts cope with the more severe and painful withdrawals.

The Power of Intervention

The friends and family members of substance abusers can feel powerless when it comes to helping their loved one who is suffering. If you know someone in this situation, now you can help them by staging an intervention. The purpose of an intervention is to gather friends and family members of the substance abuser in an effort to convince the addict to get help. Interventions should be calm and non-judgmental. They should show the addict how much they are loved, and this will compel them to get the treatment they need. We have specialists standing by 24/7 to guide you on how to create your own intervention in Glendale, AZ.

Get Help Today!

One of the toughest challenges for a substance abuser is just asking for help. It takes a great amount of honesty, humility, and courage to admit one has a problem, and to ask for help. Take heart though, if you are battling with addiction. Every successful recovery addict achieved their success after falling many times. Recovery is an on-going process. It’s a journey, but it is possible to get help and conquer your addiction.

Also helpful to addicts in recovery is the aid of sponsors and mentors. Of special importance are those sponsors who are recovering addicts themselves. There’s a saying among recovering addicts that the best way out of a maze is with someone who knows the way out.

If you live in Glendale, AZ, or the Phoenix area, give one of our admission specialists a call to discuss your options. They’ll be happy to give you more information on treatment for drug and alcohol abuse, and answer any questions you may have about detox, aftercare, or starting an intervention. They’ll also be able to recommend an excellent facility for drug and alcohol treatment in nearby Scottsdale, AZ. Give us a call today and start your recovery now! (480) 999-3377.

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