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Addiction Treatment in Tucson, AZ

We have helped individuals with drug and/or alcohol addiction treatment in Tucson, Arizona, and have for well over a decade. Our team of experts is an excellent option for those who want to go somewhere outside of their normal city environment but do not wish to travel far.

It is usually recommended that those who seek addiction treatment do so outside of their own cities. The farther away from their city, the less likely they are to leave treatment early.

Addiction is a Disease

Addiction is a disease, and drug and alcohol addiction can affect anyone, anywhere. Unfortunately for addicts, the warning signs of drug and alcohol addiction aren’t always apparent, making it even more difficult for addicts to know when to stop. The primary warning signs for addiction are withdrawal symptoms and an increasing need for the substance to achieve the same effect. Additional signs of drug and alcohol addiction include driving while under the influence, using a substance to relieve stress, and hiding use from family or loved ones.

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Addiction Treatment in Tucson, Arizona

According to the CDC, over 67,000 people died of drug overdoses in the United States alone. This national epidemic of substance abuse has brought about an entire industry of drug and alcohol therapy facilities. The higher quality of these centers offer detox, rehab, inpatient & outpatient care, aftercare programs, access to 12 Step programs, and group meetings.

Medical Detox Service

As the first part of the treatment process, many individuals will need to go through detox. This is especially true if alcohol is involved, or drugs such as opioids or benzodiazepines.

Treatment centers in Tucson, Arizona, have beautiful residential detox facilities where patients can begin recovery in peace.

Detox is the medically managed process that cleanses toxins from the body and prepares the mind and body for rehab. The addict is under 24-hour supervised care in detox and is given a thorough analysis to compile a customized treatment plan that will guide them through the remainder of their rehab. (Not all treatment centers offer this, so if you’re looking for a detox, make sure they create customized plans for the individual.)

Addiction Rehab in Tucson, Arizona

Rehab is a variety of treatment therapies all striving toward the same goal: to provide addicts with the coping mechanisms and tools that enable them to overcome their addiction. It strives to develop ways to avoid temptations and conditions that lead to relapse.

Of all the treatments offered, the most effective is inpatient care. This is 24-hour supervised care that is medically managed. The advantages of inpatient treatment include: staying at a live-in facility, away from the temptations that may cause an addict to use, receiving medical care, and having access to psychologists and therapists who help addicts overcome their addiction. Outpatient care is an option for those unable to check themselves into a live-in facility.


One of the most effective forms of treatment is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT emphasizes teaching addicts how to recognize their destructive thoughts and patterns and be cognizant of how their behavior affects others when they are using. In CBT, addicts learn vital skills that enable them to cope with stress and other negative emotional states that may otherwise cause a relapse.

Some recovering addicts have found the most success with group therapy. Group therapy is a treatment where recovering addicts can find support and healing by sharing their stories and struggles with other recovering addicts in a group setting. Many people find it easier to open up to other addicts in a group than a professional therapist one-on-one.

Family therapy can be a great option for anyone trying to repair damaged familial relationships. They receive communication skills, coping mechanisms, and guidance and advice to rebuild a support system within their family.

Other beneficial therapies in treatment include music, equine, and yoga. Check with your rehab facility to see which therapies they offer and determine which one may work best for you.

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Dangers of Withdrawal

When an addict stops using a mind-altering substance, they go through painful withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is a natural symptom of the detoxification process. Additionally, the brain re-wires itself to compel a person to continue their substance abuse. Withdrawal is basically the body demanding more of the substance that it has come to rely on. The symptoms range from light cravings and desires to fierce bouts of sickness, seizures, and death in extreme cases. (People detoxing from alcohol and benzos need to be especially careful as withdrawal from these substances are the ones that can lead to seizures and death.) Medical professionals help recovering addicts cope with withdrawal through therapy and with medication in severe cases in detoxification.

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Addiction recovery isn’t a destination – it’s a journey. Many people find that asking for help is extremely challenging. It takes humility, courage, and accountability to admit you have a problem and reach out for help. Take heart, though. Nearly every addict who has completed rehab and turned their life around has only done it after failing many times. All over the country, there are people completing rehab and turning their lives around, able to live happily once again. There is hope. You can overcome this disease. Upon finishing rehab, we recommend enlisting in an aftercare program to help your ease into life again while reducing the possibility of relapse.

Recovering addicts incorporate lessons learned from rehab and aftercare into their daily lives. You can attend group meetings in most cities and towns, including well-known groups like Alcoholics Anonymous. Recovering addicts also help other addicts by becoming Sponsors to aid them in their recovery and accountability.

Call us today if you or a loved one is suffering from the disease of alcohol or drug addiction in Tucson, Arizona. Our specialized staff will be happy to answer all your questions on detoxification, rehab, addiction, aftercare, and intervention. You can start the path to healing today by giving us a call! (480) 378-0660


  • Access to top treatment centers
  • Supportive guidance
  • Financial assistance options

(480) 378-0660